No one is going to argue with maximizing you bang for your buck, and in tough economic times, it is absolutely essential. So for many companies, the question becomes: Why bother with printing?

After all, between a website and social media marketing departments just don’t need that huge print budget anymore. Besides, now it’s easy to put your logo in Word and just print the stationary as needed. Why send anything to the printers anymore?

Here’s why:

  • Never underestimate a tactile response. Having something in hand creates both a visual and a tactile memory in the brain, making you more memorable.
  • Not everyone is connected all the time. Despite the glut of smart phones in the public not everyone — including some of your potential audience — will be able to scan your QR code, instantly add your contact info or bookmark your website.
  • Electronic clutter is a fact of life. Even if your audience is wired all the time, you still have to find a way to break through the noise.

So ultimately, print is not dead. However, it’s been on a diet and will likely continue to slim down as time goes on.

As with anything, there is no perfect universal solution to the print/electronic ratio. Each company has to decide for itself where and how much to invest in which medium. Ultimately, marketing plans will have to find the perfect synergy between its printing and electronic components.

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