Multi-Touch Promotions

We've all been exposed. The charming British lizard, perky customer service insurance reps, hamburger clowns, pink-clad cell phone hotties... we see them everywhere, hear them on the phone, in the tv and even on Facebook.

mult-touch-hand.jpgThis is because of a standard marketing approach that tries to reach you in as many different ways and as often as possible. The idea is that by exposing you to their product and service often and differently, you'll remember it, and when the time is right, you'll opt for their service rather than "the other guys" simply because you thought of them first, and you remember why they say they're better than everyone else.

Just because these multi-million dollar efforts might be a little out of reach for your own budget availability, that doesn't mean that you can't apply the same theory to your own efforts. Let's use an open house promotion as an example:

• Ad in local paper
• Blog on local website (like the Patch)
• Multi-piece Mailer to existing clients and potential clients
• Follow-up HMTL email reminder to the above list
• Ad in local paper

Are there costs involved? Yes, but probably not as much as you think. If planned well, it has the potential to be an effective strategy. Here's another approach:

• HTML email to existing client base
• Blog on local website
• Radio spot
• Postcard Mailer
• HTML email reminder

Again, there are costs, but not out of reach for most small businesses. In both instances, one method is repeated, current clients are targeted and there is a new appeal to attract new customers. The success or failure of any marketing effort is never guaranteed (even the big dollar ones can fail miserably) but your odds of success are greatly improved if you think of incorporating different ways to touch  your audience.

Wrightbrain can help you with finding the right partners for marketing strategies and multi-media approaches to your next promotion.