Beyond Business Cards: Logos (and Branding) with a Purpose

When we think of logos, we think first of the business card.

In fact, usually when someone calls me about a logo design business cards are usually mentioned in the first sentence. And that makes sense. Logos are the cornerstone of branding. From that mark comes the inspiration and direction for every other material that a company prints or posts on the web.

But logos should not be pigeon-holed for company branding alone. Events, products, campaigns and anniversaries also are worthy of branding with logos of their very own.



You might have the best event in the world. You might have the best product out there. You may even have the absolute best message to spread. But if your materials promoting that event, message or product don't look well thought out or cohesive, your viewer may have reservations about it, or worse, they may not think that you don't have confidence in it.

By taking the time and the trouble to brand it — logo, font choices, color choices all working in harmony with your existing company branding — it says that this something that you believe in and care about, and worthy of paying attention to. If you're willing to invest in it, then it might be something that your audience would want to invest in it as well.

Recognizability and Memorability

In a sea of media, getting lost is easy — too easy. By not investing in even a minor level of branding, getting the notice of your audience is going to be extremely difficult. Creating a strong visual, and repeating that visual as many times as possible and in strategic locations is an effective way to help people quickly recognize and remember your message.

What now?

Once your company logo is designed and your business cards are delivered, don't toss out your logo designer's contact information. When you create a promotion or campaign, host an event, celebrate an anniversary or create a new product, call up your logo designer and create a "daughter brand" for that specific thing. Not only will you increase the odds of success for that particular event/promotion/product/celebration, but you will also strengthen your main brand.